No Water Bottles on the SUNY New Paltz Campus


This week I went out and interviewed students and faculty to see how they felt about water bottles no longer being sold on campus. I found that people were generally upset and would prefer if the campus would bring back water bottles. Interviewing has been a please and I hope it brings change to the campus


Batman v. Superman-The Downslide of DC



Batman v. Superman is all that is wrong with the DCEU. It cobbles together multiple comic plots to create a jumbled mess. Superman is resorted to being a broody protagonist, who actually is not featured much in the film. Lex Luthor is horribly mischaracterized. The one shining highlight of the film is Ben Affleck as Batman. He creates an interesting interpretation of Batman that is older and weathered by the world of crime. Batman v. Superman overall is a disappointing feat that is more interested in setting up the DCEU to catch up with Marvel, than to create a good Batman v Superman film.